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LiquidatyHub operates on a subscription basis, with the following plans available:

Plan Price Payment Frequency Description
Free - - Unlimited disk space/CPU. Public domains only.
Team $US 19.99 Monthly Unlimited disk space/CPU. Public and private domains.

LiquidatyHub partners with Stripe to facilate automated subscription payments. You simply choose the subscription plan that you would like to use, the frequency at which you would like those payments to be made and you will then be automatically charged on the next renewal date. In addition, you will be sent copies of invoices and receipts from Stripe for your records.

You are free to cancel or change plans at any time, at which point your subscription will remain active up until the end of the period for which you have paid. In the event that you decide to upgrade your plan, having already paid for a lower one, any unused credit will be automatically applied to your new subscription.